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How to get Cheap Web Hosting in 2017

The first thing you have to do while looking for cheap web hosting is examine your web site, for example type of CMS you are going to use to create your blog or website (WordPress, Joomla, Presta shop, etc.)

The choice of operating system is also important, which will depend on the applications use, how much disk space you will need, how much monthly transfer, we plan to use, how many email accounts are going to need, etc.

Service, if ever we need them, we want to know if they are fast and effective. (If you make backups) need to be backs covered in any eventuality. Scalability , if our project web, we have to be sure that our web site will grow with us.

Warranties, any web hosting company be it would be should offer us an our money back guarantee, all the companies cheap hosting you Indian have a 15-30 days money-back guarantee.

Uptime, is the time for our cheap web hosting provider is online, usually between 96% and 99% of the time. (beware of who offers you 100%) You should always replace a hard drive, update any software, etc you will need the interruption of the web server.

Yes, you read correctly, you can now buy domain and hosting with a service provider with your wordpress already installed, so that you only have to worry about creating good content. Do you want to know how? Watch the video and see how easy that is:

Comparative hosting

We put at your disposal a wide range where to buy inexpensive web hosting wherein we have analyzed thoroughly many companies, making loading speed, space disco, monthly transfer, technical service, specialized care, if they have services of hosting Spanish or another language, security, guarantee your money back if you don’t comply, etc can be sure with this comparative web hosting we have done complies with all the requirements necessary to undertake a your project successfully.

You can also check out our browser comparison of hosting, where you will find opinions and reviews of more than 100 plans of web hosting cheap, you can search and buy hosting to suit your needs and filter by price, monthly transfer, free domain and space in disk, memory Ram, etc

Shared Web Hosting vs. Dedicated Web Hosting – Which Should You Prefer?

Before you choose a  web hosting service, first you should determine whether you need shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting.

A shared web hosting account is an account on a web server that hosts other shared accounts. Shared web servers host a few hundred and some time thousands of sites on one server. Taking web Hosting from a shared server is a feasible solution for many small businesses, as shared hosting accounts are much economical than dedicated servers. Nearly all shared web hosting companies offer comprehensive technical support for users of shared hosting plans. By and large technical support is included in the price of the hosting plan.

A dedicated server is dedicated to one, usually for the solitary use by one company. The cost of a dedicated server is alot higher than a shared one. With a dedicated server, you have access to the full administrative powers of the server. You’re pretty much on your own in the case of dedicated server.

Managed dedicated hosting plans can be one of the best web hosting options. In a managed dedicated plan, you acquire a dedicated server and with comprehensive support like you find in a shared hosting plan. This is a good alternative for companies that don’t want to join in the technical aspects of running a server. The managed dedicated server is relatively high-priced than an unmanaged dedicated server plan as you’re getting technical support included.

Always make sure that the plan you’ve chosen fits your needs no matter what kind of web hosting service you opt for.

Preface to Professional Web Hosting :

We have different types of Web hosting services, such as dedicated hosting, virtual web hosting, shared hosting, re-seller hosting and co-located hosting.

Virtual and Shared Web hosting are similar in nature. The shared web hosting means lots of Web sites are hosted on a single Web Server. Some times, in the case of shared web hosting, extra time is needed for your page to load, this can drive away some of your visitors. However, the problem does not seem to be acute if you deal with a quality hosting provider because they monitor the operational parameters of the servers 24/7 and take necessary arrangements to maintain the contracted service level.

Clustered Web Hosting

Clustered Web Hosting is the grouping of several servers and networking them with each other to share the work stack in a shared hosting environment. Website resources are structured so correctly that a particular website is not limited to only one server. Clustered Web Hosting involves sharing of the processed power of numerous servers, their programs and distributing it during active time. It also means using huge amounts of power from the entire pool of servers. When the account of a client gets changed, then this information gets transmitted speedily to each and every server present in the cluster.

In common hosting situations, the security tiers are not generally incorporated in the platforms. In common hosting situations, many hosts implement firewall methods to combat the security tiers. However, clustered web hosting platforms have many levels of security. The network of Clustered web hosting has intellectual routing in built firewall and one proxy tool. This renders high benefits than other traditional hosting techniques. It helps to overcome the network attacks, which get spread to other servers and corrupt the hardware.You can also get ipage coupon code from here. This kind of hosting is available at competitive prices. This method enables the users to handle the security options, load balance and a variety of other web factors in “clustered” form. Clustered web hosting is data-driven hence no human interaction is necessary for the clustered hosting system to work.Yo

Sometimes hosting service providers (HSPs) present their services to a third-party. This third party offers web-hosting services with their own brand name, this is known as re-seller web hosting. Re-seller web hosting is less expensive but this has technical support problems which can cause inconvenience for commercial Web sites.

When a website is hosted on its own server, it is called dedicated web hosting. In dedicated web hosting service, a Web site is allotted its own server. For commercial Web sites, it is simply the best option. Co-located web hosting is different from the dedicated web hosting. In Co-located hosting the customer owns the web server. The customer enjoys complete control of the Web server along with the security of the data center.

The conclusion is, price should not be the sole factor; you should also consider the quality of service as well.


ASP hosting uses Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. It is a server-side scripting environment that is designed for dynamic web applications. ASP hosting offers a massive array of functionalities for web developers. It is normally hosted on a Windows server, especially an NT server, and can be fully integrated into an Internet Information Server (IIS). The theory of ASP Hosting is the same as Java Server Pages (JSP) and CGI that enables web pages to work with databases and programs on the web server. ASP web pages can be easily identified by the .asp extension on the URL.

ASP hosting technologies work in a similar way as other server-side scripts. When a web browser sends a request to the web server, the web server calls the ASP which processes the requested file. Therefore, it is the server that runs all the requests and sends the requested HTML pages back to the browser. ASP hosting provides a chance for web developers to explore their own creativity and design customized web solutions.

You can also run ASP hosting technologies on non-windows based platforms such as Linux. Several hosting providers offer this sort of service, for example you can use ChiliASP on a UNIX server. However, it’s possible there could be problems regarding compatibility issues that may occur while implementing this.

In summary, ASP hosting is ideal for web developers who aim to create websites that utilize Microsoft programming technologies. There is enough of a cushion for creativeness with all these available functionalities, which certainly suits those who plan to develop multi-feature websites.

Ecommerce Web hosting

Web hosting keeps a Web site’s content online at a particular URL, making the content available to Web surfers. The role of ecommerce in our life and its influence is beyond measure. Web sites can function for online shopping, which means we can shop virtually on the net, satisfying our need by selecting and purchasing the products we want to buy. Many of these ecommerce applications can be bundled into ecommerce web hosting packages from hosting providers.

eCommerce is vital for the growth of an online company, especially moving forward. eCommerce web hosting packages they can create and increase revenue for an online business. Get ipage discount promo code Commerce also reduces overhead costs and can play a major role in revolutionizing the all important customer service. eCommerce web hosting can be found at a discounted price, so there is no question about the value of these services.

However, if one wants to receive the full potential value of eCommerce web hosting, there are certain things that have to be fulfilled. Some of them are: registration, web hosting, web design, database solutions, marketing, software development and privacy policies.

Web hosting packages with eCommerce services can provide the most secure way for your customers and for you to commence trading online, where the business would demand less face time from your end. Undoubtedly, flourish of commercial activities through the eCommerce medium holds the greatest potential of the commercial world.

What is Web Hosting?

A hosting service or is where are you store the files of your web site that will be accessible through the internet, videos, audio, html, images, etc.

To host your websites these companies have servers (computers that are operational 24hours a day throughout the year)

Types of Hosting

Web service providers may offer several affordable options, such as:

Shared, where you will have to share the resources offered by your provider as Ram memory, space disco, transfer, etc with a number of web sites that share the same server. This type of cheap web hosting are the easiest to manage and also the cheapest. Approximately 90% of the websites are hosted on shared servers.

Dedicated, these web servers allows us to use 100% of the resources of our web server, will have the server for ourselves by what our web site will have higher performance and greater stability. This type of server is indicated for large projects with a high flow of visitors.

VPS (virtual private server), we can define it as a shared hosting but with the qualities of a dedicated website host. A virtual server share a physical server with other virtual servers, being among them completely independent. Suitable for websites with certain volume of traffic.

Cloud would be a network of servers networked together to provide their potential customers, where the company service provider would be responsible for managing all the resources necessary in every moment. Especially for sites with large numbers of visitors.

This type of web servers is growing ever stronger.