Dedicated Hosting / Dedicated Server

Dedicated server/hosting is totally opposite of shared hosting. Dedicated hosting means the entire server is used for a website, ensuring that all of the server’s resources are used for that specific customer’s needs/site. Either the server owner or server provider is responsible for the management and upkeep of the dedicated server.
The advantage of dedicated hosting over shared hosting is it offers more flexibilities than shared hosting. The server can be customized and performance fine tuned to the owner’s requirements or a website’s specific needs.
Because the server is dedicated to serving just one site, the loading speed of your site is be much faster then a shared web hosting.
Cost wise, dedicated hosting is typically more expensive compared to share hosting. Shared hosting have many websites/accounts on one server, hence the server and associated costs are spread/distributed among the accounts. Where as dedicated server/hosting usually only have one account bearing all the costs.
Dedicated hosting is about total control of every aspect of the server to improve the performance of your website and server. Where as with shared hosting, the server is configured as “one size fits all”.
Dedicated server usually comes in two flavors: fully managed, which means that the provider is responsible for the server’s upkeep and maintenance; or self-managed, which means that the site owner will need to process server management skills and technical knowledge of the hardware to be able to keep the server running.
Dedicated hosting is suitable for websites with a lot of traffic/visitors or require special configuration that’s not available through shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is also chosen for its security, control, power and performance.